Certificate of the measurement means type validation (metrological certificate) is issued on the base of the Kazakhstan Republic Law ‘Provision of the Measurement Means’ dated June 7, 2000, No 53. Published in the Kazakhstan Republic List in 2000, No 7, art. 165; ‘Kazakhstan Pravda’ , dated June 13, 2000, No 147-148. The last amendments were introduced by the KR Law, dated 05. 07. 2008, No 62-IV.

Certificate of the measurement means type validation is issued by the Republican state body ‘Kazakh Institute of Metrology’ a constituent part of the Kazakhstan Republic Ministry of Industry and New Technologies Committee of Technical Regulation and Metrology functioning as an economical enterprise (RGP ‘KazInmMeter’).

The measurement means types are subjected to validation which are produced on a series basis or are imported to the Kazakhstan Republic territory. Validation is granted if the test results are positive for the the type validation. The decision to validate the measurement means type is adopted by the authorized body in the technical regulation and metrology.

The application form for the type validation should be attached by the following documents according to the KR Standard 2.21-2001 ‘          GSI. Norms and Regulations of the Measurements Means Types Testing and Validation’:

  • Test program scheme or changes scheme, and/or additions to the type program scheme;
  • Technical task (if its development is considered);
  • Technical specifications for the measurement means, produced in Kazakhstan Republic, signed by the Producing Manager and adopted in accordance with the KR Standard 1.3;
  • Operation documents; measurements means which are to be imported should be accompanied with the set of documents of the producing company attached to the measurement means, it should contain the following: assembly manual, and / or preparation of the measurement means for operation, operation and maintenance manual;
  • An outline of the Standard document verification if the operation documentation, regulating the means and methods of verification is lacking this information;
  • A scheme of the type description with the photos of the general view attached 13х18 or 18х24 in two copies;
  • The Applicant’s letter allowing to publish the type description in the newspapers and magazines;
  • Test program and methods for safety (if they are not available in the technical specifications) and/or test materials, verifying the standardized sustainability of the measurement means;
  • In case the serial products are manufactured – preliminary tests records of the experimental samples of the measurement means produced in the Republic;
  • Availability information of the measurement means verification facilities while their exploitation in the Kazakhstan Republic, and the information of the companies providing services and maintenance;
  • Documents proving the recommended interval limits of the verifications.

All the documents of the foreign manufacturer are accompanied with the translation into the state or Russian language.

Test results are submitted to the authorized state body, which passes a decision to validate or rejects to validate the measurement means type.

If the decision is positive and the measurement means type is validated, the type validation certificate is issued, the measurements means type is registered in the state system of provision of the measurement unity in the Kazakhstan Republic, the verification methods and type description are agreed upon.

The type validation certificate is effective for a longer period if the test results for the correspondence to the validated type, the corresponding changes enter the registration state provision system of the measurement unity in the Kazakhstan Republic.

The authorized state body can make a decision to validate a new measurement means type while modifying according to the test results for conformity to the validated type. If the modification doesn’t require the validation of a new type, if necessary, the corresponding changes are added to the type description and verification methods.

«Sunrise-Sertic», Ltd provides services for development and sending the documents to the RGP ‘KazInmMeter’, conducting the required tests for the type validation, monitoring of the documentation set and further to the obtaining the certificate of the measurement means type validation certificate.

The Certificate of the measurement means type validation preparation takes a period of 3 – 6 months.


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