About us

« Sunrise - Sertic », Ltd Company provides professional services in certification field and getting permission documents.

« Sunrise - Sertic », Ltd, being in charge for conformity conformation matters (accreditation attestation № KZ . O .16.0504) has been providing services in the Kazakhstan market of the certifying services since 2006y.

« Sunrise - Sertic », Ltd has proved to be the developing company for the past six years, having such operation characteristics as high responsibility, individual treatment of every customer, high quality of service, short terms of the documents preparation, minimal wastes of your money.

If you collaborate with « Sunrise - Sertic », Ltd, you’ll get advantage of:

- modern equipment and apparatus

highly qualified personnel

-          wide range of services

We certify the electrical and technical products and transportation facilities. You may get acquainted with the whole list of our certified products in our site in the section ‘Our Services’.

If you make use of our services once you’ll make it twice, for the quality of the services is very high.

We are more than happy to be of immense assistance for you!


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