Examination of industrial safety


Kazakhstan Republic Emergency Ministry Permission for Usage of the Technical Devices in the Dangerous Industrial Facilities


According to the Kazakhstan Republic Law ‘ The industrial safety in the dangerous Production facilities’ dated 03.04.2002 No 314-II while importing to KR or manufacturing new technical devices and materials, supposed to be used in the dangerous industrial facilities it is necessary to get the permission for usage from the authorized body (Kazakhstan Republic Emergency Ministry Committee for the state Regulation of the Emergency and Industrial safety).

The KR Emergency Ministry permission is issued based on the 314-II Conclusion of the industrial safety expertize concerning the conformity of the definite types of the technical devices to the requirements of the acting law system, norms and documents regulations of KR in the industrial safety field.

The usage of the technical devices without permission of the KR Emergency Ministry is forbidden in the dangerous industrial facilities.


The industrial safety expertize is delivered by a specialized body attested by the KR Emergency Ministry on the base of the KR Law ‘Industrial safety in the dangerous facilities’ dated April, 3 2002y, No 314, it evaluates the conformity of the technological equipment, mechanisms, and apparatus, technical systems and complexes, devices and aggregates to the requirements of the normative documentation in the field of the industrial safety, it also evaluates the technical condition of the technical devices used in the dangerous industrial facilities.


The following documents are to be submitted to get the permission for usage and expertize:

- information of the producer;

- technical description, purpose, operation description of the technical devices (materials);

- technical specification, drawings of the technical devices (materials);

- instructions in assembly, operation, technical maintenance of the technical devices (materials) ;

- test reports of the technical devices / materials (conducted by the manufacturer or other certified laboratory);

- Kazakhstan certificates for conformity for the technical devices (materials);

- foreign certificates for conformity for the materials, components and the technical devices themselves.

And other documents, validating the safety and quality of the technical devices (materials).


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