Conformity declaration

Conformity declaration is a document of a supplier (producer, seller) of an established form, which testifies the product conformity to the stated requirements.

Legal entities and individuals are in charge to accept declaration. The supplier (producer, seller) accepts declaration based on the documents, confirming the conformity of the products to the established requirements.

The following documents may be used by the supplier (producer, seller) as the founding documents for the declaration acceptance:

  1. 1)Records of the accepted and other control testing of the products, fulfilled by the supplier (producer, seller) and/or other credited test laboratories;
  2. 2)Earlier received effective certificates for the products or test records for the raws, materials, components;
  3. 3)State control documents, verifying the product conformity to the requirements of the Kazakhstan Republic legal system.
  4. 4)Documents, verifying the product conformity to the established requirements (raw supply, production process, assembly, packaging, marking) certificates of the management or production quality system of the enterprise.

Declaration may be adopted for the certain products or a group of the homogeneous products, for which the united requirements, subjected to verification, were imposed.

Declaration is imposed for a period, stated by the supplier (producer, seller) of the product, taking into account the planned issue period of a given product or a period of product lot selling, but not more than one year.

After the declaration is ineffective the supplier (producer, seller) can adopt a new declaration, the procedure will be regulated by the present Instruction.

Declaration is filled out in a form of the established order and is signed by the producer manager and is verified by a seal.

Declaration adopted by the supplier (producer, seller) is to be registered in the credited Body.
For registration the declaration should be attached by:

  1. 1)Application about registration in a free form;
  2. 2)Copies of the documents verifying the product conformity to the established requirements, enumerated in the 89p of the present Instruction;
  3. 3)Copies of the documents, verifying the production stability (copies of State Regulation documents about meeting the requirements of the normative documents in standardization, copies of the documents of the inner regulation of the production stability);
  4. 4)Copies of the documents, verifying the technical competence of the test laboratories of the supplier (producer, seller) (credits, or other equivalent documents) contract copies with the credited laboratories for testing, according to the production technological process and normative standardization documents for the given products.

Declaration attached with the necessary documents may be sent for registration by the supplier (producer, seller) only to one selected Body.

A Body decides the topic during not more than three days:

  1. 1)Availability of the given product type in the product nomenclature, conformity of which may be confirmed by declaration;
  2. 2)Eligibility of a supplier (producer, seller) to adopt declaration according to the point 89 of the present instruction.
  3. 3)The correctness of the normative documents in standardization, which are included for the given products conformity confirmation;
  4. 4)Availability of all documents which are necessary for this product to be legally manufactured according to the Kazakhstan Republic legal system;
  5. 5)Correctly filled in declaration.

After consideration and checking the Body registers the declaration in a special part of the registered declarations.

Declaration registration is performed by giving the registered number, which contains the identification code of the Body and the number of declaration in the register.

The register contains the name of the company which accepted the declaration, its address, declaration registered number and the production type, the conformity of which is confirmed, declaration effectiveness.

Register of the registered declarations is performed by the Body separately from the register of the issued certificates.

The declaration contains the registration data (name and address of the Body, which registered the declaration, its registration date, registered number of the declaration) it is verified by the Manager signature or by the authorized employee and by the Body’s seal.

The registered declaration is kept at the supplier (producer, seller) along with the founding documents, not less than three years after its expiration.

The Body keeps the copies of the registered declaration and the accompanying for registration documents the same period of time.

Declaration can have copies and an attachment, which contains the product nomenclature, subjected to its legal force.

Declaration copies are verified by the manager’s signature of the applicant and by the seal (for the legal entity).

If the requirements of the normative documents, mentioned in the declaration, are changed and if the legal entity is reorganized the supplier (producer, seller) fills in a new declaration and presents it for registration to the same Body, the procedure is stated by the present Instruction.


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