Foreign certificates recognition

Recognition procedure is fulfilled if the enterprise possesses a foreign conformity certificate (in original or in copy), which is verified by the conformity confirmation body or by the certificate holder (producer) and if the accompanying letters are available, which allow to identify the product:

-          Invoice;

-          Qualitative identification card;

-          Phito-sanitary certificate (for the plant products);

-          Customs declaration or the customs’ checking in the documents accompanying the products;

-          Permission for the import (for the animal products).


The foreign certificate is respected only in case if it was issued by the credited body in a country of production, if there is an Agreement with this country about the mutual recognition of the certification results (formed CIS countries, Baltic countries excluded), if the certificate is effective, and also, if the certificate is adequately prepared (for example, the normative documents are formally mentioned).


The recognition procedure also supposes the identification of the declared product lot to the conformity of the attached documents:

- producing country is checked, as well as the producing company, product title, packaging, date of production, expiration date, selling;

-          the product lot quantity (volume) is checked (if possible);

-          appearance is checked (lack of damages);

-          storing and transportation conditions are checked (if necessary and possible);

-          availability of information in the state language and in Russian.

As a result of recognition the Kazakhstan conformity certificate is issued.

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