Products conformity confirmation

Products conformity confirmation


  1. General provisions

The conformity confirmation activities are controlled by the following documents:

-          Kazakhstan Republic Law ‘ Technical Controlling’ dated November 9, 2004y, No № 603-II ЗРК;

-          Technical regulations ‘Conformity confirmation procedures’ (validated by the Kazakhstan Republic Government Decree, dated February, 4, 2008 No 90, and other technical regulations;

-          Kazakhstan Republic Government Decree, dated April, 20, 2005 y. No 367 ‘Compulsory conformity confirmation of products in Kazakhstan Republic’ ;

-          Kazakhstan Republic standards (KR ST) in the field of the conformity confirmation;

-          Other normative and regulative documents in the field of the technical controlling;



The products conformity confirmation may be voluntary or compulsory in the Kazakhstan Republic territory. A voluntary conformity confirmation is fulfilled in the form of the voluntary certification. The compulsory conformity confirmation is performed in the form of:

-          Compulsory certification;

-          The product supplier (producer, seller) (further the applicant) adopts the conformity declaration.

-          The product (service) specially registered in the list, approved by the Kazakhstan Republic Government Decree, dated April, 20, 2005y No 367 ‘Compulsory conformity confirmation of products in Kazakhstan Republic’ is subjected to the compulsory certification.


Conformity certificate – is a document certifying the product conformity or service to the requirements of the technical regulations, standards or other normative and regulating documents. Certificate of conformity can be issued for a definite lot of products or for a whole products manufactured during a certain period (for example for a year) and produced on a serial basis. Depending on the circumstances the products can be certified according to one of the schemes presented in Table 1. Schemes 3, 7, 9 and 10.are widely used. If the imported products are attached with the foreign certificate of conformity, it can be accepted, i.e. the Kazakhstan certificate can be issued based on the foreign certificate (if some definite conditions are met).


           The applicant  bears all the charges of the products conformity confirmation activities, irrespective of its results, based on the Agreement, concluded with the certification body and test laboratory. The application for certification may be submitted to any OPS, if it is accredited for a given product type. The certification (and acceptance) activities are initiated after the applicant submits the application form for certification in the prescribed manner and payment according to the concluded Agreement and writing out a check.



Application – declaration

The order of the products certification

Schemes of the products certification




Prolongation and Appeals

Declaration of conformity


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