Products certification procedure

Sequence of the products certification procedure:

-          Submission and consideration of the application (for the conformity) by the Applicant to the certification body on a form of a stated model;

-          Adoption of a decision concerning the results of the application consideration (application of conformity), as well as the choosing of the certification scheme;

-          Concluding an Agreement between the Applicant and certification body for the product certification activities;

-          Selection and identification of the declared products samples and presenting them to the «Sunrise-Sertic», Ltd test laboratory;

-          Analysis (evaluation) of the production conditions accompanied by the statement compiling, samples selection, and testing in the producing plant (if it is provided by the certification scheme);

-          Certification testing of the declared products samples and other activities provided by the chosen certification scheme;

-          Results analysis and decision making of the conformity confirmation issuing (refuse of issuing );

-          Certificate registration in the List of the Kazakhstan Republic technical regulation State system (KR GSTR);

-          Issuing of the Conformity Certificate to the Applicant;

-          Inspection supervision of the certified products (if it is provided by the certification scheme;

-          Information of the certified products results.

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