The certificate period of efficiency may be prolonged up to three years since the day of issue of the conformity certificate, but not more than the product expiration date. 

7.1 The certificate efficiency is stated by the Body, taking into consideration the chosen certification scheme, product characteristics, its production, effectiveness of the normative documents, requirements of the normative documents for a certain product, as well as the period for which the management system is certified (if it is understood by the certification scheme), but not more than three years or the product expiration).

7.2 For the products, sold by the producer while the Certificate for the series production is effective, it is effective during the product supply or selling during the expiration period (service period), stated in accordance with the Kazakhstan Republic legal system.

7.3 The certificate effectiveness may be prolonged by the body which issued the certificate in the period of product expiration. Accordingly, the certificate is effective not more than three years since it was issued. Prolongation of the certificate effectiveness may be fulfilled according to the applicant’s will, it may be done as follows:

1) to the left of the certificate part ‘Effective till_________’ enter the record ‘Expired till____’, which is verified by the manager’s signature or a person authorized and by a seal of the body.

2) a new certificate is written out in which the registration number of the prolonged Certificate is preserved, product nomenclature and quality for which the certificate is prolonged is mentioned.

7.3 If the Certificate issued for the series products is expired, and the products, manufactured in the period when it was effective, is being sold, the certificate effectiveness may be prolonged for the whole expiration or storage period if the storage conditions are satisfactory, but not more than for three years.


The applicant may protest the certification results, and the decisions of the certificate annulling.

Appellation should be submitted in a written form to the OPS appellation committee (manager office) not later than one month since the applicant was advised of the decision. The reasons for appellation should be presented in detail.

If the applicant doesn’t agree with the decision of the appellation committee, he has a right to appeal to the KR Gosstandard.

Decision of the Gosstandard committee can be protested in the court according to the KR acting legal system.

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