Rules of the applications-declarations registration

  1. 1. The present rules have been developed in accordance to the Kazakhstan Republic Law ‘Technical controlling’, dated November, 9, 2004 y. The rules state the order of the applications-declarations registration by the conformity confirmation body for the products, subjected to the conformity confirmation and imported to the Kazakhstan Republic territory.
  2. 2. Application – declaration is prepared and registered by the local conformity confirmation body on the condition that it is in charge to accredit a certain product type and the agreement is concluded with the importer to deliver the procedure of the conformity confirmation.
  3. 3. Application – declaration duly prepared and registered is legally effective only for the Custom’s execution of the imported products.
  4. 4. The products which application-declaration is executed in the Customs is subjected to the further conformity confirmation.
    1. 5. Application – declaration is executed for a certain type of products subjected to the compulsory conformity confirmation in accordance to the external economic code of the product nomenclature.
    2. 6. Application – declaration is executed and registered in the appellation day of the applicant, based on the following documents:
      1.      1)Documents identifying the legal status of the applicant (for the individuals – identification card or some other document identifying the person, certificate of the individual entrepreneur state registration, tax payer certificate, for the legal entities – certificate of the state registration (re – registration) of the legal entities, charter, statistical card, tax payer certificate, certificate for the VAT registration (if it is available), copy of the manager appointment;
      2.         2)The documents accompanying the products (invoice, consignment note);
      3.         3)Documents verifying the origin of the product;
      4.         4)Documents verifying the product safety;
      5.         5)Normative documents for the products (goods).

      The lack of documents enumerated in pp. 4) and 5) of the present part will not lead to the rejection of the application – declaration registration.


      Documents submitted by the applicant to the conformity confirmation body are to be in the   state and / or Russian language, if the submitted documents are in a foreign language, the notary verified translation into the state or Russian language should be attached.

      1. 7. Application – declaration is executed by the conformity confirmation body in a form which is applied to the present Rules.
      2. 8. The application – declaration is effective not more than one month.


      Execution, registration and issuing of the application – declarations is regulated by the:

      - Regulations of the application – declaration registration, adopted by the order of the Industry and trade minister No 429, dated October, 29, 2008y.


      - Regulations of the electronic data registration of the conformity declarations, issued certificates of conformity, evasion of the applicants’ who registered the application – declarations from the conformity confirmation procedures, rejections of the certifications, adopted by the order of the Industry and trade minister No 428, dated October, 29, 2008y.

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