The company's services «Sunrise - Sertic»




  1. 1.Conformity confirmation (certification) of the following products:

-          Cooling equipment and thermal cabinets

-          Appliances for cooking

-          Appliances for the cooking process mechanization

-          Private hygiene appliances

-          Electrical appliances for the linen processing

-          Appliances for the rooms cleaning

-          Appliances for the micro climate and soft warmth

-          Other electrical appliances

-          Electrical manual instrument

-          Devices for the farmers

-          Mounting component parts and connecting devices

-          Light technical items

-          Low voltage control apparatus

-          Information technology and office equipment

-          Cable products

-          Distributional and complex devices

-          Electrical machines

-          Transformers

-          Anti pollution equipment

-          Complex rig devices for the operational and deep prospecting drilling

-          Equipment for the oil and gas wells operation

-          Compress equipment

-          Pumps dynamic, extensional

-          Hydro pneumatic system equipment

-          Industrial equipment

-          Equipment for the liquid filtration and purification

-          Industrial tube fittings

-          Tubes, and spares for the pipelines

-          Vessels working under pressure, containers, capacities

-          Heating equipment

-          Heating boilers

-          Lifting and transportation equipment

-          Turbines

-          Auto transportation facilities

2. Industrial safety examination

- preparation of the decision of the commission of experts

Preparation of the technical passports for equipment

3. Declaration of the facility industrial safety

4. Testing by the non destructing control method

5. Consulting services:

- preparation of the documentation for getting the permissions, endorsements and licensees from the authorized bodies of the following ministries:

a) Kazakhstan Republic Emergency Ministry

b) Ministry of Transportation and Communications

c) Health care Ministry

d) Environment Protection Ministry

e) Ministry of Home Affairs

f) Ministry of Industry and New Technologies

- preparation of documents for the metrological certification.



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